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By Nancy Carvajal

A detainee of the National Bureau of Investigation who was accused of at least a dozen of sexual assaults and engaged in child pornography allegedly killed himself inside the bureau’s Cybercrime Division Office on Tuesday evening, Politiko recently learned.

According to a source who talked to Politiko on the condition of anonymity, the suspect / victim Randy Bulanon Cordovez was found unconscious in the evidence room of the NBI-CCD at around 10 p.m by an unidentified individual with cable wires around his neck attached to pile of desk tops placed on top of a wooden table.

The suspect/ victim was brought to the Philippine General Hospital where he was declared death on arrival, the source said.

The source also said, that the suspect/ victim was placed in the evidence room handcuffed waiting to be turned over to the NBI jail.

“ He was supposed to undergo the required swab test before turning him over to the jail, he was left alone for the night,” the source said.

The evidence area is located at the end of the NBI-CCD office, it has no windows.

,Cordovez the source said, was arrested on Monday in Nueva Ecija in an entrapment operation following a complaint by the mother of a 12-year old girl who accused the suspect of sexual assault and child sex trafficking.

A forensic examination on his cellphone showed that he was molesting girls ages between nine and 12 years old and at the same time, selling their nude photos online.

“He did not only molested girls , he also threatened to shame them to their parents and friends if they do not send him their naked photos,” the source said.

The modus operandi is to engage the young girls in the social media and friended them, before the “meet-up.”

The source insisted there was `no “foul-play”. “There’s no trace of foul play, and he was brought to the hospital at once,” the source said.

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