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Sharonian sisters! Kris Aquino can totally relate to Sara Duterte’s fangirl moment with Megastar

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Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and Kris Aquino may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they‘re both long time fans of Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Aquino shared her admiration for Cuneta in a reply to Duterte’s Instagram post on how much she loves the Megastar.

The presidential daughter posted a recent photo with Cuneta with a caption that read: “My very first casette tape was a Sharon Cuneta @reallysharoncuneta album. In 1988, I pleaded with Digong if I could meet her when she visited Davao. She was 22 years old then and was very kind to me when I was a strarstrucked 10 year old.”

Thirty years after their first meeting, Duterte said Cuneta is a “gracious person” but she feels the Megastar is “happier now.”

Aquino said she mustered her guts to reply to Duterte’s post to let the presidential daughter know they are both fans of Cuneta.

“Mayor- kinapalan ang mukha ko to comment on your feed,” her reply began.

Aquino shared that when her family was living in exile in Boston, she watched two of Cuneta’s films, “Dear Heart” and “My Only Love,” repeatedly.

After Aquino’s father, former senator Benigno Aquino Jr., died in 1983, she said Cuneta searched for her at the International School, where they were both enrolled, to personally condole with her and thank her for being a fan.

Addressing Duterte, Aquino said: “If you were a starstruck 10 year old in 1988, I was lost & grieving 12 year old in 1983 who momentatily found some sunshine in her presence, also because of her effort & kindness.”

The actress said she was told by her sister Pinky that Duterte was “gracious & had a naturally pretty face” because they recently met in Davao City.

“I saw your post in my feed & natuwa/naaliw that we both have special ‘tweener’ @reallysharoncuneta memories,” she said.

Aquino ended her reply to Duterte’s post by saying she is “impressed” by the mayor’s “straightforward manner.”

“I understand the nature of politics & the dividing of ‘colors’ but that doesn’t stop me from recognizing empowered women who still find time to prioritize their children & their families,” she said.