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She did it! Mocha arouses public interest in federalism – Teddyboy Locsin

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Federalism is now on everyone’s mind thanks to a racy video of a Palace communications official.

Teddy Locsin Jr., the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations, has credited Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson for arousing public interest in federalism through her video, a feat other “smart guys” were unable to achieve.

“Nobody was paying attention to federalism except its critics who didn’t bother to read the proposal. Maybe thanks to Mocha they will,” Locsin said in a series of tweets in defense of Uson.

“She did arouse the public. Now we’re aroused, can we do something with our arousal that’s closer to tackling federalist issues? Strike while the iron rod is hot. A hard man is good to find; intellectual tumescence should not be wasted,” he added.

Locsin also defended Uson from the criticisms of former Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda who claimed the road to federalism was “paved with lewd intentions.”

“You’re on a roll here, Edwin. Let it go. We’ve been trying to arouse interest in federalism pro and con. Tell me, did any of us smart guys succeed? The interest aroused is almost prurient in its intensity. The writers of the Federalist Papers would give their right arms for it,” he tweeted.

He said Mocha’s “arousing performance” has called national attention to the federalism issue. “The pansy nattering of self-interested and totally credit critics was ignored. MOCHA DID IT. NOT THE discredited NOBODIES IN THE OPPOSITION,” he said.