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Sinabotahe ang sarili! Duterte invites Israelis to Davao but admits turf remains an ISIS target


President Rodrigo Duterte practically sabotaged his own sales pitch for Davao City when he admitted his turf remains a target of the international terrorist group ISIS.

Duterte on Tuesday (September 4) invited Israeli businessmen to Davao City because it is “progressing a lot.”

But before he extendes the invitation, the President revealed the threats his hometown face.

“Davao remains to be a target of the ISIS. As a matter of fact, in the previous years, the cathedral — church was bombed twice. The airport and the warf suffered and during her term, the night market was also… We were able to manage,” he said.

Despite the threats, Duterte said it is important for the city government of Davao to detect and prevent crimes.

“So I am here to invite you. Davao is progressing a lot. It has maintained its six percent despite of the trouble economic growth and if you want to participate,” he said.

Duterte said Filipinos can learn so much from Israelis and their knowledge can help in nation-building.