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By Nancy Carvajal

THE NATIONAL BUREAU of Investigation maintained that the deaths of four soldiers killed by policemen in Sulu in July were murder, contrary to the statements of the police that the killing of the soldiers were justified and they should be acquitted of the crime.

The NBI -Death Investigation Division in its reply dated October 5, 2020 to the counter affidavit of the nine Sulu policemen who shot and killed four soldiers supposedly pursuing suicide bombers, refuted all the allegations of the accused based on eye witnesses accounts, affidavits and presentation of physical evidence.

Among those submitted by the NBI-DID were the affidavits of the brothers of PFC Abdul Asula, the slain Muslim soldier., denying that the drug lord by the name of Adzmir Asula arrested by the police in March 2019 was their sibling.

The brothers who are also members of the Philippine Army denied that their family is related to a drug lord and averred they do not even know the person.

The NBI-DID also maintained that based on eye – witnesses accounts and physical evidence gathered at the scene of the crime, including video footages of the events leading to the actual shooting were sufficient to indict the nine policemen.

The NBI-DID reply to the counter-affidavits of the accused provided more details of the incident such as, all the policemen involved in the incident quickly left the crime scene, but not before planting guns near the sprawled bodies of the victims on the street.

“The fact that the Police officers left the scene of the crime without lending any assistance to their injured victims, which was clearly violative of their engagement strongly suggest that they too, were aware of the excessive actuations and possible criminal violations they have committed ‘’.

To also demolished the accused statements that the shooting was self defense and they were provoked by the group’s team leader Major Marvin Indammog, the investigators submitted an affidavit of a witness that Indammog was unarmed and even lifted his shirt to show to the police he had no firearm.

Another affidavit of someone who worked closely with Indammog also stated that the slain military officer was right handed- opposite to the position of the firearm lying beside him.

“In the light of all the foregoing, the Undersigned respectfully submits that there is more than probable cause for respondents to be held for trial for the crimes of murder, planting of evidence , and neglect of duty under the doctrine of command responsibility.’’

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