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Sino ‘yang utak wang-wang na politiko? Tito Sotto wants to grill VIP in budget hearing

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Senate President Tito Sotto is not condoning any abusive behavior of politikos even in the roads.

Sotto has threatened to grill the VIP who reportedly used police escorts just to go to the gym in the next budget hearing. The senator was reacting to former Senator JV Ejercito’s complaint about the supposed arrogant VIP.

“Ipaalam mo sakin kung sino. Sapulin ko sa GAA deliberations,” Sotto tweeted. He was referring to the Senate inquiry into the proposed General Appropriations Act (GAA) or national budget for 2021.

Ejercito however did not reveal the name of the VIP but lamented that there are many abusive people on the road.

“Naku SP ang daming ganyan pa rin ngayon!” he tweeted.

The former lawmaker also said he hopes others will emulate Sotto who has no security detail and even drives his own vehicle to work.

“Kayo nga Senate President, walang security, walang drayber, walang staff! Sarili kayo nagmamaneho ng kotse niyo papunta Senado kahit trapik!” Ejerctio said.

“Sana mahiya sila sa inyo SP!” he added.

Ejercito, in an earlier tweet, said he spotted someone who was accompanied by police escorts even though the person was simply going to the gym near the village. He did not name the person in his social media post.

“Umuulan, wala trapik, pupunta lang sa labas ng village para mag gym at brekky, may 2 motorcycle escorts, may back up at may marked police vehicle pa. Wana ko ma-“say”!” he said.

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