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Sinong paborito niyang babae ? Duterte can’t make Bahay Pangarap cook, staff spill secrets on Noy

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President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he tried but failed to squeeze out some juicy stuff on the bachelor ways of his predecessor, former President Noy Aquino, from the help at Bahay Pangarap, the Chief Executive’s official residence in the 19-hectare Malacanang park.

“Ang cook niyan, cook pa ni ma’am (former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), cook pa nila noon. At ‘yung mga ‘yan, maski anong tanong mo, hindi ‘yan mag sasagot,” said Duterte in a speech in Pampanga.

Duterte recalled how he tried to make the cook spill the beans on his former boss.

“Tanungin mo kung anong kinakain nung isa, ‘yung sinundan ko ano ba ang paboritong ulam. Sabi niya, ‘Ano man, sir, parang escabeche’,” said Duterte.

“Hindi ‘yang ulam pagkain. ‘Yung ulam ba, babae. Sino ‘yung paborito niya dito?” Magtawa lang. Mag-smile lang ‘yan,” he added.

He said the “no snitch” policy was observed not only by the cook but also by the other staff at Bahay Pangarap, including the Presidential Security Group.

“All soldiers will pass by PSG just like a regular company na they have assigned to Jolo, then to Mindanao, then to Abra. Ganun ‘yan sila. And they do not answer questions na… Mabait ‘yan,” said Duterte.

“ “Pati itong mga guwardiya, paikot-ikot man lang ‘yan sila. There’s no such thing as loyalty na kunin mo ‘yan. ‘Yan lahat sila sa ano, nag-to-tour of duty ‘yan,” he added.

While he couldn’t get good gossip, Duterte said the cook was good with cooking simple meals.

“Ang lunch sa Malacañan really is one rice, one viand, and one soup. ‘Yun lang ang makuha mo sa akin doon. Walang steak-steak doon, walang ano,” he said.

“I can invite you for dinner, but… ‘Yun, that is the usual fare. ‘Yun lang. Isang ulam, isang sabaw, bola-bola. Pero mahusay magluto ‘yang cook namin diyan,” he added.

Duterte said he liked to invite people at his pad, especially women but preferably over dinner for singles and lunch for married women.

“If it’s a beautiful woman, dinner time ‘yan. ‘Yung single. Ah kasi magsama-sama ‘yung asawa, ‘di wala kang masabi. But order lang, you can have lunch,” he said.