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So mysterious! Golez seeks govt transparency on Chinese plane landing in Davao

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Former National Security Adviser Roilo Golez has called on the government to shed light about the “mysterious” landing of a Chinese military plane in Davao City last week.

Golez posed a few questions about the aircraft’s reported technical stop, including why Davao was part of its flight route and if it loaded or unloaded any cargo during its stopover in the country.

“Refueling was apparently not part of Mutual Logistics Support Agreement like that between PH & US. The military per news not aware of CH plane landing. DFA said it did not know when first asked. So which government agencies handled the protocols? CAAP? This is mysterious,” he tweeted.

“Did plane load or offload cargo? That must be clarified, should be made transparent. What was its route & why was Davao along route? Indonesia or Australia to China? It has range of 3,000 kms to 7,000 kms depending on load. It must have come from far point to require refueling,” Golez said.

Malacañang earlier confirmed that the Chinese government plane was allowed to land in Davao for refueling last week. The Palace admission came after photos of the foreign plane went viral online over the weekend.