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Sober at SONA: No alcohol to be served at cocktails


No guest at President Rodrigo Duterte’s second State of the Nation Address on July 24 will be going home tipsy since alcohol won’t be served at the post-event cocktails.

House Secretary General Cesar Pareja on Friday (July 21) said alcoholic drinks are a no-no at the socials after the SONA “in deference to the others of other faith.”

However, he said the food that will be served at the cocktails will be similar to last year’s, consisting of native Filipino delicacies.

The menu for Duterte’s first SONA consisted of the following:
* Native Chips with Salted Duck Egg Dressing
* Chicken and Spicy Tuna Empanaditas
* Sotong Goreng
* Crispy Triangles of Flaked Chicken Adobo and Mushrooms
* Beef Steak
* Penne with Taba ng Talangka Sauce
* Balut Pate in Profiteroles
* Chicken Skin Crackling

Some 3,000 guests are expected at Duterte’s upcoming SONA, which will happen at Batasang Pambansa in the afternoon before a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives.