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Some presidential appointees waste of space in offices, says Ping: Kailangan pa ba i-memorize yan?

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They are so useless they are not just a waste of taxpayers’ money, but they are simply a waste of space in their own offices.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson thus described some presidential appointees, in a post on his Twitter account on Sunday.

“Some presidential appointees are not just a waste of our tax money to pay for their salaries and other miscellaneous expenses. They are simply a waste of space in their offices,” he said.

He did not name names in his tweet.

But in past months, Lacson has been critical of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, whose resignation he and fellow senators have sought for lack of leadership.

Lacson also noted Duque has also had a track record of conflict of interest, with his family-owned building leased to the Philippine Health Insurance Corp., and the family-owned pharmaceutical firm bagging medical supply contracts with the Department of Health.

Recently, the Senate Committee of the Whole recommended that Duque be replaced as DOH secretary with someone who has a “stronger will to fight corruption within his organization and the agencies under his/her watch.”

On the other hand, Lacson threw shade at the appointment of ex-cop Cezar Mancao II to the Department of Information Communications Technology’s cybercrime center.

“Presidential prerogative. The President can appoint an angel, the President can appoint a devil, the President can appoint even Lucifer to any govt post, basta presidential appointee. So that’s all I can say. It’s presidential prerogative,” Lacson said in a television interview Friday, when asked to comment on Mancao’s appointment.

Mancao had served under Lacson in the now-defunct Presidential Anti-Crime Commission’s Task Force Habagat.

He testified against Lacson over his alleged involvement in the killing of PR man Salvador Dacer and driver Emmanuel Corbito but later retracted his testimony and apologized.

Lacson was cleared in the case by the Court of Appeals. He said he had already forgiven Mancao and others who had made false accusations against him.

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