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Sonny Angara wants holistic rehab for Boracay

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Senator Sonny Angara on Tuesday said the government must come up with holistic solution and not just “superficial” remedies to address all aspects of the problems besetting Boracay island.

He urged the government to develop a holistic solution to the environmental problems and other issues that triggered the temporary closure of the world-famous island.

Angara earlier filed Senate Resolution No. 633 that called for an inquiry on the severe pollution in Boracay so as to address the island’s deteriorating state, protect its environment and promote its sustainable development.

“It will cost more if Boracay’s reputation as a top tourist destination will be eroded due to environmental degradation. It is important that we have a sustainable tourism compliance with environmental laws,” he said.

The senator attributed Boracay’s coastal pollution and adverse environmental damage to massive influx of tourists, free-wheeling development and poor enforcement of laws on environmental protection.

“The Senate should get into the bottom of the Boracay issue and help identify solutions to the problems and make recommendations to the government and follow through on that,” Angara said.

Congress must evaluate and intensify current legal guidelines on environmental safety and rehabilitation so as to sustain the country’s tourism growth while preserving the beauty of Philippine islands, he added.

Angara also appealed to ensure that the thousands of workers who will be affected by the six-month closure of Boracay will have access to the employment assistance program of the government.