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Sonny apologizes to those hurt by dad Ed Angara: He’s human like everyone else

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Just like any ordinary individual, the late Senate President Edgardo Angara also has his moments where he would easily lose temper, his son Sen. Sonny Angara on Wednesday said.

“My father is human like everyone else. And if he hurt any of you here, humihingi po kami ng paumanhin. As I said, he had a quick temper. It was never personal to him. It was always borne out of a strong will to get things done. Very impatient po ang aking father,” the senator said in his response to the eulogies for his father at the Senate.

“Kahit minumura po kayo, mahal po kayo. Kami din po – he was our biggest critic but he was also our greatest supporter. Ganun po ang karinyo ng aking tatay. Alam nyo po yun,” he added.

Despite this, Sen. Sonny said his late father, “a boy from a small town with big dreams and big plans” and “the boy from Baler who made good and who gave back” loved his country and its people.

“That seed of public service was planted early on in my father’s life. Tulad ko, idol niya ang kanyang ama na si Dr. Juan C. Angara. At ang kanyang kababayan na si dating senador at pangulo Manuel Luis Quezon na tubong Baler din po. My father’s childhood dream was to be a lawyer and to be secretary of justice. Safe to say, he exceeded his childhood dreams. My father attributed his success to his upbringing and to his education. Lagi po niyang ipinagyayabang sa akin na kahit kailan, hindi po siya nagbayad ng tuition fee. Scholar daw po siya. From Baler Central School, to UP, UP College of Law, and the University of Michigan. He always emphasized the need to give back, to throw back down the proverbial ladder of opportunity so that more Filipinos and their families could climb out of poverty,” he said.

The late Senate president’s parents were among the first graduates of the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH).

Sen. Ed’s father, Juan C. Angara, was a doctor while his mother, Juana Javier was a nurse.

“But unlike many who chose to practice medicine in the city, their profession, my grandparents took the path less travelled and decided to go back to their small town of Baler and to become what we now call the doctors to the barrios,” Sen. Sonny said.

He took note of those who mentioned in their eulogies the education reforms introduced by his father, explaining that it was a product of the late lawmaker’s life and upbringing.

“Kulang po ang oras ngayong araw para pagusapan ang lahat ng kaniyang nailathalang batas, ikwento ang lahat ng kwento at banggitin ang lahat ng parangal na natanggap ng aking ama. History and the history writers will take care of that. What we request is that all of you here remember our father fondly as a reformer, as an institution builder, as a builder of dreams, an enabler of dreams, and an enabler of people,” Sen. Sonny said.