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Sorry is not enough: Netizens furious with taho-throwing Chinese lady at MRT

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A Chinese woman who threw a drink at a policeman is getting pummelled online with mounting calls for her immediate deportation.

Several Twitter users have demanded the Chinese woman’s prosecution and expulsion for disrespecting authorities, saying the government should not allow foreigners to treat people like dirt.

Jiale Zhang, 23, a fashion design student, was reportedly facing complaints of direct assault, disobedience to person in authority, and unjust vexation for the incident.

“Is she going to be deported and banned from ever stepping foot in this country again? Because if Sister Fox can get deported for helping the poor, there is no reason for this individual who disrespected a filipino in uniform to not face a harsher treatment,” @ViancaEMartinez tweeted.

“Sa lahat ng dayuhan na papasok dito sa Pilipinas! Umayos kayo! Galangin nyo kaming mga Filipino at ang bansa naming Pilipinas!” @Macbola1 commented.

@jessy_1204 tweeted: “Foreigners must learn to respect Filipinos and Philippines 🇵🇭. It’s as simple as that. We may be third world, we may have our domestic problems and so on, but man, this is our country. You are here as a foreigner. We tell you what you should do here not d other way around. ✌️😉🇵🇭.”

“Isn’t that assault against an officer in uniform??? Anyare PNP? Kid gloves kc Foreigner? Kapag Pinoy kulong? Masyado nyo naman pinagmumukhang kawawa kayo in your own country. To think it happened when the Officer was in UNIFORM! TAENA,” @SugarSantiago said.

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