Sorry, not sorry! No apology from Marcos family, Imee says

Sorry, not sorry! No apology from Marcos family, Imee says

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By Xave Gregorio

Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos maintained that her family would not issue an apology that would be “tantamount to an admission” over the brutal dictatorial regime of their patriarch, former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

The younger Marcos, who has been roaming the country in preparation for a possible senatorial bid in 2019, however, said sorry for those who were “inadvertently” hurt during her father’s regime.

“I’ve said on many many occasions, for those who got hurt, for those who have been inadvertently pained, certainly we apologize,” Imee said Friday (August 31) at the Nanka media forum in Quezon City.

“But what I heard is that there are calls for an apology tantamount to an admission, which we would never do,” she said.

At the same forum last week, her brother, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., also refused to apologize for their father’s two-decade rule, which saw billions of dollars looted from government coffers and thousands of human rights abuses.

Imee previously appealed for Filipinos to move on from their father’s regime, saying that there are more important issues to discuss.

Despite drawing flak from netizens and some opposition lawmakers, Imee stood by her statement.

“Mas dapat na pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga makabagong isyu katulad ng mataas na bilihin at iba pang pangunahing pagkain na kinakailangan pagtuunan ng pansin. Hindi na yung mga isyu na napakaluma na at talagang hindi na makabuluhan sa panahon ngayon,” she said.

According to the World Bank – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative, the late dictator Marcos amassed around $5 to $10 billion in ill-gotten wealth during his brutal 21-year rule.

The Human Rights Victims Claims Board has listed 11,103 people who would receive around P180,000 to P1.7 million in compensation for the human rights violations they suffered during the Marcos’ martial rule beginning 1972.

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