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Senate Minority Leader Vicente Sotto III wants acting Health Secretary Janette Garin and and Armed Forces chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. quarantined following their visit to the island where 132 Filipino peacekeepers are currently isolated because of the Ebola threat.

Sotto said Garin and Catapang should be quarantined as a recautionary measure against the spread of the ebola virus because they went to Caballo Island without wearing any protective gear such as a hazmat.

He said the two officials violated the government’s anti-Ebola protocol and placed themselves at risk for contracting the deadly virus by doing away with protective clothing during their visit.

“Just because you’re officials, you think you won’t be infected? I’m worried for them. That’s my point,” Sotto said, adding that the two officials would not know if they have been infected with the virus in the coming days.

Catapang, however, maintained he and Garin did not violate any rules when they visited the quarantined Filipino peacekeepers in the island.

“Because of the explanation of acting Health Secretary Janette Garin that we should not be worried, I enjoined her to show to our soldiers that our troops are safe,” he said.