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Sovereignty is forever! Carpio insists on protecting PH’s rights regardless of who’s President

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By James Hernandez

Acting Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Antonio Carpio on Thursday warned the public that the country’s sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea is more important than whoever is sitting as president.

“That’s far more important than the presidency. I mean, the President can come and go, but our sovereignty should remain forever with us,” he said during an interview over CNN Philippines.

With this, Carpio said he doesn’t care if he isn’t chosen as chief magistrate by President Rodrigo Duterte who has been non-confrontational in his approach to Chinese incursions over the West Philippine Sea.

“What is more important for the nation is that we preserve our sovereignty and sovereign rights because if we lose this, we lose that forever,” he stressed.

“That’s far more important than any position,” he added.

Carpio said that the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) has much more value than whatever the Philippines owe to China.

“You have oil, fish, gas and other mineral resources,” he cited.

“There is no comparison at all. And besides, you cannot put the value to sovereign rights or sovereignty because if you lose sovereign rights or sovereignty, you lose it forever, you cannot get it back,” Carpio stated.

The magistrate said the Philippines should protests Chinese harassment of Filipino fishermen as well as demand damages for the destruction of corals.