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Two politikos are in a dilemma after losing an estimated P400 million to a bank executive (BE) with sticky fingers.

According to the grapevine, former official (FO) was horrified after finding out that the balance of his account at the bank (TB) has been reduced to zero from over P200 million.

A politiko (AP) was similarly aghast upon learning that successive withdrawals amounting to about P10 million each have been made to his account.

FO and AP stormed TB to demand answers, and was told they could file a complaint over the supposed unauthorized withdrawals.

BE, meanwhile, has reportedly gone missing with her family.

With their clout, FO and AP could’ve easily gone to the media to spill the beans about the supposed theft—but they couldn’t.

Both FO and AP know going public about the loss of their money means they would have to explain how they got it in the first place. Of course, both politikos don’t want tongues wagging about them lest the Office of the Ombudsman, Commission on Audit or anti-corruption agencies are next.

FO and AP have tipped off a friend (AF) about the disappearance of their money in hopes that TB and BE will be held accountable.

It remains to be seen whether the two politikos’ money could be returned, or whether they could keep their names out of a brewing controversy for long.

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