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Speaker defends swift 2020 budget passage: It enhances House oversight functions

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House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano defended the speedy passage of the proposed 2020 budget — the fastest in recent history — from criticisms of railroading, saying it benefits the House of Representatives in many ways.

“Our passing of budget in record time will give our standing and special committees more time to exercise their oversight functions especially over the 2019 budget, programs, and platform, and projects of our country,” he said in a speech after approval of the budget.

The House passed the budget bill on Friday night, voting 257-6.

“It will also give us enough time to pass urgent measures including revenue measures that will fund the budget next year for the next generations to come,” Cayetano said.

“Also it will give us time to review our programs on health, education, and other social services which our people are constantly demanding more and better services,” the Taguig lawmaker said.

He described next year’s budget as the “20-20 budget,” since 20-20 is a symbol of perfect vision.

“By no means, cear Colleagues, that 20-20 as we passed today is perfect. Many circumstances and events in the last few days, last few weeks, will also lead us to review certain parts of the budget,” he said.

“So let me join those who voted no in saying let us continue to review, to study, to discuss, to scrutinize, and even amend this budget, so that we will have a 2020 budget that will fit the perfect vision of a safe and comfortable life for all Filipinos for generations to come,” Cayetano said.

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