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China will be “salivating” to install spyware into the cellular equipment that will be installed by Dito Telecommunity once it is allowed inside military camps, retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio warned.

In his September 17 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Carpio said ChinaTel will be in charge of sourcing and installing equipment for Dito since the Philippine company has no experience in the area.

Dito is 60-percent Filipino owned while China Telecom Corp. (ChinaTel), a state-owned corporation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), owns 40 percent.

“If China’s state intelligence agency, the Ministry of State Security, tells ChinaTel to install backdoors or spyware in the communications equipment to be supplied to Dito, ChinaTel will certainly “support, assist and cooperate,” Carpio said.

The former Supreme Court magistrate said ChinaTel will also take instructions from China’s Ministry of State Security with regard to providing the Armed Forces of the Philippines equipment as payment for the telco’s installation of cell towers inside its camps.

“China’s Ministry of State Security will surely be salivating to inject backdoors and spyware into the AFP’s information systems and communications equipment. All of this will be taking place while the Chinese Navy relentlessly encroaches on the Philippines’ EEZ in the West Philippine Sea,” he said.

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