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Stay neutral! SC warns judges against being used by politikos in 2019 polls

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Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez on Wednesday (April 17) warned judges against allowing themselves to be used by politicians this election period.

Marquez made the warning after receiving reports that unscrupulous politicians have been using the courts in obtaining search warrants against their rivals in the elections.

In the circular he issued, Marquez told judges that they are “REMINDED and ADVISED to remain impartial and non-partisan, and be very circumspect on acting on applications for search warrants, to preclude the courts from being used for election purposes.”

“Courts must ensure their jurisdiction before entertaining applications for search warrants,1 and conduct the proper proceedings before the same are issued,” read his circular.

Marquez reminded that “nothing can justify the issuance of a search warrant unless all legal requisites are fulfilled.”

“At the very least, the disregard by a judge of the requirements for the issuance of a search warrant constitutes grave abuse of discretion,” he said.

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