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STFU! Duterte’s smashing poll victory is a thumbs up on war on drugs, not Cha-cha or death penalty

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War on drugs, 1. Human rights groups, Central Intelligence Agency-funded media, 0.

That is the damning message of President Rodrigo Duterte’s crushing victory in the 2019 mid-term elections where opposition bets who campaigned on an anti-war on drug platform were shut out in the senatorial race, according Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin.

“The Senatorial elections were not a referendum in favor of Charter Change either, the death penalty, and jailing minors. The elections were a referendum on Duterte and his war on drugs,” said Locsin in a tweet. “He and the war just won. So shut the fuck up on that subject everybody. The war goes on,” he added.

“The war to continue the war on drugs. The war on drugs itself is a work in progress and it is about to get really really really painful on the enemy,” he added.

Senator Win Gatchalian concurred with Locsin’s view. “I agree… The war on drugs is he’s loudest advocacy. And the mid term votes is solely about that (advocacy),” he said on Twitter.

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