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STL franchises quadruple under Duterte to accommodate ex-generals, ex-DOJ Aguirre – Tulfo

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Special envoy to China Mon Tulfo has blamed two ex-police generals – Retired police general Jose Jorge Corpuz and Anselmo Simeon Pinili – and former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre for the “massive corruption” in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

Tulfo claimed that the number of Small Town Lottery franchises ballooned from 18 under the Aquino administration to 85 under President Rodrigo Duterte to “accommodate the retired generals (Corpuz and Pinili), Aguirre and other big-time people.”

In his Manila Times column, Tulfo said: “The President said that some military generals were given franchises by the PCSO as if they were privileged individuals.

He claimed former PCSO Chair Corpuz “awarded four franchises to his mistahs in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1983.”

He said “(current PCSO chair) Pinili gave away one franchise to his classmate in PMA Class 1982.” But Tulfo claimed Duterte was not informed that Aguirre was also awarded a franchise for Camarines Norte and Albay. Tulfo claimed STL operators have cheated the government by remitting only a portion of its righful share in the STL games.

“For instance, a Batangas STL operator was supposed to remit P400 million yearly to the PCSO but was only paying P30 million, according to PCSO insiders,” he said.

“The same insiders said the PCSO was supposed to earn P600 million from a Pangasinan STL operator but was only being paid P30 million in remittances,” he added.

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