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Straight from ‘1984’! NUPL slams new PNP chief Gapay for ‘big brother’ moves

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Newly-appointed Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay has been accused of trying to turn the government into a “big brother” pulled out from the pages of George Orwell’s novel 1984.

National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) president Edre Olalia made the accusation on Tuesday (Aug. 3) due to Gapay’s plans to include in the draft implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Anti-Terrorism Law regulations over social media usage.

“That is straight from Big Brother redux,” Olalia said.

The lawyer explained the plans of Gabay is “against basic constitutional and international law principles, let alone common sense.”

“It is precisely brazen ideas like these overreach intrusions that create the chilling effect which the proponents of the Terror Law keep on spluttering

in our faces,” he said.

Gapay had explained social media now is being used by terrorists to radicalize and plan terror activities.

“It is absurd that the real terrorists will use open and public socmed platforms to ‘radicalize and recruit the youth’,” Olalia said.

“Such fishing expeditions are actually on the lookout for legitimate dissent, criticism and alternative views and opinions that those in power do not like, approve or agree with,” he added.

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