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Supalpal! Hecklers greet Duterte as he leads Independence Day rites for 1st time

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s first celebration of Independence Day as Chief Executive was marred by protesters who called him a traitor.

Just before Duterte delivered his speech in Kawit, Cavite Tuesday (June 12), rallyists started shouting: “Duterte traydor!”

The President, however, said the hecklers should be left alone.

“Let them. Our Constitution guarantee[s] freedom of press, freedom of expression,” he said.

Duterte ordered the police to deal with the protesters “peacefully” and exercise maximum tolerance.

“We may not understand each other but at least there’s a common denominator, and that is love of country,” he said.

Duterte then directed the policemen to “deal with them peacefully” and exercise maximum tolerance.

The President arrived at Kawit 30 minutes late for the event due to the inclement weather.

The flag raising ceremony marked the first time Duterte celebrated Independence Day as President. He was absent at the rites last year, supposedly because he was feeling unwell.