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Supalpal si Cayetano! Velasco claims House majority don’t want Cayetano’s ‘term-sharing’ plan for Speaker

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MANILA – Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco revealed that majority of House members do not like the term sharing for Speaker in the 18th Congress as proposed by Taguig-Pateros Congressman-elect Alan Peter Cayetano.

In a statement, Velasco said majority of his colleagues “have expressed strong objection” to the term-sharing proposal which Cayetano has been pushing to achieve his grand ambition of being Speaker.

“After a series of consultations with members of the House of Representatives… majority of our lawmakers rejected the idea because they strongly feel that it will only weaken the Speakership,” said Velasco.

According to Velasco, many of those he talked to agreed that the term sharing between him and Cayetano would only “disrupt the flow of legislative work.”

He said the scheme, where Cayetano proposed being Speaker in the first half with Velasco taking the second half, might “derail key measures” that they are mandated to carry forward.

In an interview in Clark, Pampanga last Tuesday, Cayetano claimed that the term-sharing proposal was originally an idea of the Velasco which the latter turned down when President Rodrigo Duterte insisted that the former Foreign Affairs secretary should be the one to first assumed the post during their meeting in Tokyo Japan earlier this month.

But Velasco was adamant that the supposed term-sharing “didn’t originate from him.”

“I share the sentiments of my colleagues in Congress and I am inclined to take their advice,” said Velasco.

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