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US President Donald Trump defended his wife Melania from criticism, stating that things said about her are unfair.

Trump described Melania, a former model, as a very successful person.

“And the things they say — I’ve known her for a long time — the things they say are so unfair. And actually, she’s been apologized to, as you know, by various media because they said things that were lies,” he said in a press conference at the White House, based on a transcript uploaded online by CNN.

“I’ll just tell you this. I think she’s going to be a fantastic first lady. She’s going to be a tremendous representative of women and of the people. And helping her and working her will be Ivanka, who is a fabulous person and a fabulous, fabulous woman,” Trump said.

He added that Melania and their daughter Ivanka are “not doing this for pay” but “because they feel it.”