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Swapang sa trabaho: Sotto can’t convince incumbent senators to give up juicy committees

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Trouble may be brewing again in the Senate majority bloc barely a week after they met to iron out the kinks in committee chairmanships.

Politiko learned that a number of incumbent senators want to retain the major committees they are heading, leaving the incoming lawmakers fending for scraps or lesser known committees.

Politiko’s source said the ideal scenario would be for the incumbent senators to head one major committee and give away another for the incoming lawmakers to choose from.

The move would also be practical since a senator can have his or her hands full just by heading one major committee.

But in a show of selfishness, the incumbent senators don’t want to give away any of the major committees they are holding. Their reluctance is again causing rumblings among the ranks of incoming senators.

Politiko’s source said the incumbent senators’ refusal to let go of prized committees is reflecting badly on Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, since it appears he can’t get his colleagues to agree to a compromise to satisfy everyone.

The horse trading involving committee chairmanships shows how fragile the support for Sotto is. Unless he gets the incumbent senators to let go of some of their committees, the incoming senators might lean towards another senator for Senate President.

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