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Vice President Leni Robredo has asked the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to investigate former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Solicitor General Jose Calida and Manila Times reporter Jomar Canlas for possible collusion.

In a motion filed before the PET, Robredo reminded the tribunal that “an election protest–while it involves public interest–remains to be a private suit, involving a proclaimed elective official and a losing candidate.”

However, she lamented that Marcos and Calida filed last Nov. 9, though separately, motions seeking the inhibition of SC Justice Marvic Leonen from handling the election protest.

The motions of Marcos and Calida both cited the published report of Canlas who wrote that Leonen had been convincing members of the PET to dismiss outright the poll protest.

“The State, through the OSG (Office of the Solicitor General), has no obligation to assuage the insecurities, impatience or hurt feelings of protestant Marcos,” Robredo pointed out.

The vice president reminded that the mandate of the OSG under the law is to “represent the Government of the Philippines, its agencies and instrumentalities and its officials and agents in any litigation, proceeding, investigation or matter requiring the services of a lawyer.”

“Simplified, OSG is the lawyer of the Republic of the Philippines,” she stressed.

Robredo also pointed out that the motions of the OSG and Marcos were in “perfect synchrony” in citing the articles of Canlas.

“The undue reliance of OSG on these newspaper articles is irresponsible, reckless and uncalled for,” Robredo said.

“It is unfortunate that an esteemed institution such as OSG would resort to gossip mongering despite knowing fully-weel that Canlas’ gossips were not only unsubstantiated, but inadmissible hearsays,” she added.

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