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US Democrats unveil $3T virus relief package

US Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a $3 trillion coronavirus response package, the largest yet, to fund efforts to fight the pandemic and provide emergency payments to millions of American households.

White House lawyers say voters should decide Trump’s fate

White House lawyers began their defense of Donald Trump at his historic Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, saying the president did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukraine and American voters -- not Congress -- should decide his fate.…

How Trump’s impeachment will unroll

The start of open hearings in the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump on Wednesday will give the American public their first chance to witness live the explosive showdown between Democrats and Republicans over the US…

US House votes to condemn Trump’s ‘racist comments’

The US House of Representatives formally condemned Donald Trump on Tuesday for xenophobic attacks on four minority Democratic lawmakers and hostile language targeting immigrants, as the president pushed back at accusations of racism.

Yale expels student implicated in admissions scam

The prestigious Yale University has expelled a student whose parents paid more than a million dollars in bribes to get her in, the first such move since a huge admissions scandal erupted earlier this month.

BI to deport American rapist, Korean drug trafficker

Two foreign fugitives – an American and a Korean – are set to be deported after they were arrested by the fugitive search unit (FSU) operatives of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Metro Manila and Quezon province last week.

Loser! Trump faces unfamiliar jolt in US govt shutdown row

Donald Trump loves to make the pistol gesture when pronouncing his "You're fired" catchphrase. But in the tussle with Democrats over the longest US government shutdown in history, the legendary dealmaker may have shot himself in the foot.

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