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Social media tops print as news source

Social media has overtaken print newspapers as a news source for Americans, researchers said Monday, highlighting the growing importance of services such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the troubled state of legacy news organizations.

Trump golf club employs undocumented workers: report

Undocumented migrants have been working for US President Donald Trump's luxury golf club in New Jersey, despite his denunciation of illegal immigration and insistence on jobs for Americans, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Divider in chief? Trump in his own abrasive words

As calls mount to defuse US political tensions following a week of violence including the killing of 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue, Donald Trump continues to throw his rhetorical bombs.

White House weighs video game link to gun violence

Video game industry representatives will trek to Washington Thursday to persuade lawmakers that virtual violence does not trigger real-world lashing out, amid a reignited gun debate in the wake of the latest horrific school shooting.

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