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Philippine economy seen gaining from APEC summit

President Rodrigo Duterte's attendance to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Papua New Guinea will not only benefit the Philippines but also its overall economy over the next several years, Malacañang said.

APEC summit host urges respect for trade rules

The leader of Papua New Guinea, host of this year's APEC summit, Friday urged respect for international trade rules by "countries large and small" as spats between the US and China threatened to overshadow the gathering.

‘Will APEC make us rich?’ Summit confuses PNG hosts

As Papua New Guinea prepares to make its international summit hosting debut, there are lingering concerns about whether one of the Pacific's poorest countries can afford the cost, and if it is able to take advantage of its time in the sun.…

‘Like nothing on Earth’: APEC’s cruise ship summit

Quoits deck, plunge pools and sunset yoga: for security and logistical reasons, thousands of delegates and journalists attending this year's APEC summit have very unusual quarters -- on hulking cruise ships moored offshore.

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