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Tag: Camp Crame

Find out what Leila learned from her detention

If there’s one thing good that came out of her being in detention, it’s the appreciation of things and those who have always surrounded and supported her, Sen. Leila de Lima on Sunday said.

Bittersweet Christmas for Leila: Living a life worth living

Overwhelmed by the friends and family members who visited her to spend Christmas Eve with her, Sen. Leila de Lima on Sunday said she’s still wishing for her vindication and freedom from what she called as her “unjust” detention under the Duterte administration.

De Lima urges UN, ICC to probe EJKs under Duterte

Senator Leila de Lima called on the UN and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in the Philippines, noting that previous actions done by these international bodies “ineffective, inadequate or simply passive.”