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Colombia’s coca growers facing stark choices over crops

by Hector Velasco Decades into the US-led war on drugs, coca plantations continue to surge like a green tide across ally Colombia's Catatumbo region. Their spread has left former coca growers like Alex Molina embittered, having convinced…

Fake priest unmasked after 18 years

A Colombian man who pretended to be a Roman Catholic priest for 18 years hearing confessions and celebrating weddings, was exposed just before Christmas, the diocese in Spain where he was preaching said Monday.

PH eyes embassy in Colombia

The Philippine government is willing to open an embassy in Colombia as the two states explore ways to strengthen bilateral ties.

US returns plundered artifacts to Colombia

The United States returned to Colombia Wednesday 38 ancient artifacts plundered over decades by a private American collector described as a "modern-day Indiana Jones."

Colombia kills ‘most dangerous’ FARC dissident

Colombian armed forces killed "the most dangerous" dissident guerrilla from now-disbanded Marxist rebels FARC on Saturday in the drug violence-infested jungle area on the border with Ecuador, the government said.

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