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Trump trial possibly days away as Democrats meet

The trial of President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction could open within days as House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi convenes Democrats early Tuesday to discuss sending impeachment charges to the Senate.

Two impeachment articles expected against Trump: reports

Democrats are expected to announce on Tuesday two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, US media reported, after laying out their case at a hearing against a president they branded a "clear and present danger" to national security.

How Trump’s impeachment will unroll

The start of open hearings in the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump on Wednesday will give the American public their first chance to witness live the explosive showdown between Democrats and Republicans over the US…

New impeachment witness rocks White House

A decorated Iraq War veteran rocked the White House Tuesday with devastating testimony on Donald Trump's alleged extortion of Ukraine as Democrats laid out plans for the public phase of the impeachment inquiry threatening his presidency.

Impeachment of a US president and how it works

The announcement Tuesday of a formal impeachment inquiry by the Democrats in the House of Representatives into President Donald Trump for abuse of power is a high-stakes gambit with uncertain consequences.

In politics and gay? So what, say most US voters

The election of Chicago's first black lesbian mayor and the rise to prominence of a gay presidential candidate have shown beyond a doubt that in US politics -- at least among Democrats -- being LGBTQ is now utterly accepted.

Trump slammed for ‘silence’ on white supremacist threat

Democrats led by an Arab-American lawmaker attacked President Donald Trump's "silence" on the rise of white supremacy Sunday as reaction to the New Zealand mosque massacre spilled into a heated US debate over religious and racial bigotry.

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