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Trump posts faked video of Biden playing anti-police song

US President Donald Trump, who is trying to persuade voters that his challenger Joe Biden will encourage violent crime, retweeted a faked video Wednesday purporting to show the Democrat playing a crudely worded anti-police rap song.

As fires rage, Trump has head ‘in the sand’: LA mayor

Top officials in West Coast states where record-breaking fires have killed 33 people accused President Donald Trump on Sunday of being in denial about climate change, as he prepared to meet emergency services workers in California.

Trump skewers Pelosi’s mask-free hair appointment

US President Donald Trump rounded on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday after she was caught on camera visiting a San Francisco hair salon in breach of coronavirus lockdown rules -- and with her face mask removed.

China cosies up to EU as US tensions high

China's foreign minister on Tuesday kicked off a tour of a Europe still reeling from coronavirus, as he seeks to shore up economic and diplomatic relations in light of tensions with the US.

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