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Malaysia bans hit stripper movie ‘Hustlers’

Malaysia has banned the hit Jennifer Lopez movie "Hustlers", authorities said Friday, criticising the film about strippers as packed with "obscene content" not suitable for cinema-goers in the conservative country.

Bukingan time na! Bikoy faces Senate on Friday

Mark your calendars: The Senate has set for Friday, May 10, its inquiry into the claims made by "Bikoy," the hooded figure appeared in online videos linking family and friends of President Rodrigo Duterte to the drug trade.

Student pushed to death during safety drill

Indian police have arrested a drill instructor who pushed a university student from the second floor of a building to her death during a bungled training exercise, officials said Friday.

Lawmaker slammed over cryptocurrency mining bill: report

A Czech Pirate Party lawmaker found himself in trouble with parliamentary authorities over a high electricity bill racked up in his official quarters by a high-performance computer used for cryptocurrency mining and, he insists, heating,…

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