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Choosy! How the virus discriminates by race, income

After COVID-19 first appeared in China late last year, doctors quickly realised what made some patients more vulnerable to the virus than others: age, gender and underlying health problems all played a part.

Gender workplace equality 257 years away: WEF

Women may have to wait more than two centuries for equality at work, according to a report on Tuesday showing gender inequality growing in workplaces worldwide despite increasing demands for equal treatment.

South Korea’s model daughter in law is a Filipina

In a mountain village thousands of kilometres from her native Philippines, Emma Sumampong nurses her elderly mother-in-law, while also caring for her husband and children, working on the family farm, and holding a part-time job.

Nationwide probe after Tokyo med school excludes women

Japan Friday launched an unprecedented probe into gender discrimination at all the nation's medical universities after a Tokyo medical school admitted to altering the entrance test results of female applicants to exclude them.

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