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Student makes it to Harvard after initial refusal

A Palestinian teenager has succeeded in entering the United States and starting classes Tuesday at Harvard University after US authorities' initial refusal to let him enter at the airport triggered wide condemnation.

Angara never thought he was Harvard material

Always aim higher than your goal. Reelectionist Senator Sonny Angara has given this advice to people after admitting he didn't initially think he had what it takes to be a Harvard graduate. Angara, who earned his master of laws from

First black woman to lead Harvard newspaper

In January 2019, a liberal-arts student from New York born to immigrant parents will become the first black woman to lead Harvard University's Crimson newspaper in its 145-year history.

Robredo travels to USA to attend Aika’s graduation

It's back to full-time mom mode for the veep. Vice President Leni Robredo has traveled to Cambridge, Massachusetts to watch her eldest daughter Aika graduate from Harvard University. "Finally here in Cambridge for Aika’s Graduation,"…

Sonny Angara misses his Ivy League days

Senator Sonny Angara waxed nostalgic recently as he reminisced about his student days while cleaning his study. Angara said he missed studying at Harvard University in particular when he found his old ID at the Ivy League school hidden…

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