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Fashion, al fresco dining as cautious Italy reopens

Spaghetti carbonara, Gucci bags and trendy haircuts were back on the menu in Italy Monday, but only the bravest ate, shopped or styled-away their lockdown blues as the country attempted to return to normality.

Why is Russia’s coronavirus death rate so low?

Russia has the world's second-highest number of coronavirus cases but has registered 10 times fewer deaths than Britain, France, Italy and Spain. So many are wondering: why is the country's mortality rate so low?

Back to school? Officials move warily as challenges loom

Authoritiesworldwide face the formidable challenge of returning millions of children to classrooms shut due to the coronavirus outbreak, weighing the need to limit the educational damage against the risks of fuelling a surge in new cases.

Lockdowns ease amid promising drops in virus deaths

Spanish children ventured outside for the first time in weeks on Sunday, and Italy and New York laid out partial reopening plans as marked decreases in deaths from the global coronavirus pandemic stirred hopes.

Europe coronavirus death toll tops 30,000: AFP tally

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 30,000 people in Europe, more than three-quarters of the deaths registered in Italy and Spain, according to an AFP tally at 0700 GMT Wednesday using official figures.

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