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Body politics: famous preserved corpses

Monday marks 50 years since the death of Vietnam's revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh, whose embalmed corpse is on show at a stately mausoleum in Hanoi where it is visited by millions annually -- despite his dying wish to be cremated.

Kim warns N. Korea could consider change of tack

North Korea could consider a change of approach if the US maintains its sanctions on the nuclear-armed country, leader Kim Jong Un warned in his New Year speech Tuesday after 12 months of diplomatic rapprochement.

Malaysia to abolish death penalty

Malaysia has decided to abolish the death penalty, a senior minister said Thursday, with more than 1,200 people on death row set to win a reprieve following a groundswell of opposition to capital punishment.

Lessons in loyalty at North Korea’s top school

Not many schools have classrooms equipped with tanks, jet fighter simulators, and grenade launchers. But North Korea's Mangyongdae Revolutionary School for boys is no ordinary establishment.

Frontier foxtrot: Moon and Kim’s unprompted DMZ dance

It was a historic handshake that Koreans had waited more than a decade to see -- and it sparked a completely unscripted dance, with the two leaders hopping back and forth over the border that divides their nations.

Kim Jong Un attends rare concert by South Korean pop stars

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Sunday attended the first concert in Pyongyang for over a decade by South Korean entertainers, including a K-pop girlband, the latest gesture of reconciliation before a rare inter-Korean summit.

All abroad: Kim dynasty’s travels on armour-plated trains

The North Korean train that arrived in Beijing this week looked remarkably similar to one used by the North's late leader Kim Jong Il, its olive-green exterior and yellow stripe prompting intense speculation his son and successor Kim Jong…

China’s censors, investors swoop as Kim rumours rage

Chinese censors scrubbed social media of unflattering references to Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, while superstitious investors snapped up shares resembling the North Korean leader's name, as rumours swirled that he was visiting Beijing.

Kim Jong Un invites S. Korea’s Moon to Pyongyang

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited the South's President Moon Jae-in for a summit in Pyongyang Saturday, Seoul said, even as the US warned against falling for Pyongyang's Olympic charm offensive.

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