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Trump trial possibly days away as Democrats meet

The trial of President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction could open within days as House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi convenes Democrats early Tuesday to discuss sending impeachment charges to the Senate.

Doctored video of ‘slurring’ Pelosi goes viral

A manipulated video purporting to show a slurring Nancy Pelosi was gaining traction on social media with millions of shares Friday, as the Democratic congressional leader traded insults with President Donald Trump over mental health.

US is in ‘constitutional crisis,’ House speaker says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday the US is in a "constitutional crisis" triggered by President Donald Trump's refusal to comply with congressional inquiries into his actions, mainly in connection with the Russian election…

Trump ‘tantrum’ threatens US government shutdown

An angry Donald Trump told Democratic leaders at the White House on Tuesday that he will shut down the US government because they refuse to approve billions of dollars in funding for his controversial Mexico border wall.

Trump preaches love, makes threats after midterms

An upbeat President Donald Trump on Wednesday promised a post-elections era of "love" in Washington, saying he can work with opposition Democrats in a newly divided Congress, yet warning the gloves could come back off at any time.

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