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Venezuela asks ICC to probe US sanctions

Venezuela said Thursday it had asked the International Criminal Court to investigate US sanctions against Nicolas Maduro's government as possible crimes against humanity.

Spain lashes out at Trump over Cuba, Venezuela

Spain's foreign minister on Wednesday lashed out at Washington's decision to lift a ban on lawsuits in US courts over property confiscated by Cuba, calling the move an "abuse of power" that would lead to a "legal battle".

How the world is reacting to Venezuela ‘coup bid’

Venezuela was plunged into heightened chaos on Tuesday after self-proclaimed leader Juan Guaido said he had the support of troops to oust President Nicolas Maduro, while the government denounced an attempted coup.

Venezuela’s US invasion: the dollar takes hold

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro may be fiercely opposed to the "imperialist" United States. But in one regard, a US invasion is already happening: the dollarization of his South American country.

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