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Tag: North Korea

Biden, Yoon warn North Korea of nuclear response to any attack

Speaking at the White House after Oval Office talks during only the second state visit so far in the Biden presidency, the two leaders said the US security shield for South Korea was being strengthened in the face of the nuclear-armed North’s aggressive missile tests.

North Korea says it fired ICBM as warning to US, Seoul

North Korea said Sunday it had test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile as a warning to Washington and Seoul, saying the successful “surprise” drill demonstrated Pyongyang’s capacity to launch a “fatal nuclear counterattack”.

North Korea’s Kim oversees major military parade

The parade, held the evening of February 8 in Pyongyang’s central Kim Il Sung Square, featured fireworks, military bands and uniformed soldiers marching in unison to spell out “2.8” and “75”, the official Korean Central News Agency reported.