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Openly gay mayor launches ‘pro-democracy’ movement

An openly gay Polish mayor launched what he termed a "pro-democratic" political movement on Tuesday aimed at challenging the EU country's governing right-wing party accused by critics and the EU of passing reforms that threaten the rule of…

Poland may take Filipino workers: minister

Poland, whose right-wing government opposes taking in migrants, may have to look to Filipino workers to cover a growing labour shortage hurting the economy, a senior official said Saturday.

Mick Jagger reacts to Walesa appeal in Poland judicial row

Rolling Stones legendary frontman Mick Jagger touched on Poland's controversial judicial reforms at a concert Sunday in Warsaw, after anti-communist freedom icon Lech Walesa urged the rockers to support Poles "defending freedom" over court…

US weighs withdrawing troops from Germany: report

The Pentagon is evaluating the costs of transferring or withdrawing troops from Germany, where the United States has its biggest contingent outside the country, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Israel calls on Poland to study Holocaust history

Israel's president on Thursday said there was "deep disagreement" between his country and Poland over the Holocaust and called on Warsaw to study its history -- an allusion to the responsibility of some Poles for the deaths of Jews.

US charges Iranians in massive hacking scheme on universities

The United States unveiled charges on Friday against nine Iranians for their alleged involvement in a massive state-sponsored hacking scheme which targeted hundreds of universities in the US and abroad and stole "valuable intellectual…

Poland puts Berlin’s WWII bill at $543B

Polish victims of World War II should be able to claim 440 billion euros ($543 billion) from Germany in World War II damages, the head of a parliamentary commission said Thursday.

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