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Tag: President Donald Trump

Humbled Trump seeks warmer welcome in Florida

President Donald Trump will leave Washington in disgrace next week, destined for a warmer welcome in Florida, where some supporters are so gung-ho they recently wrote his name on the back of a fat, lumbering manatee.

US capital locks down as security threats mount

The center of Washington was in lockdown Thursday as more than 20,000 armed National Guard troops were mobilized following the deadly assault on the Capitol and the threat of more violence at the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden.

Metal detectors installed at doors of US House

Metal detectors were installed at the entrances to the US House for the first time Tuesday in response to last week’s riot and after a first-term Republican said she would bring her gun to Congress.

Trump’s history in tweets

President Donald Trump had made Twitter his favored channel for sharing unflattering nicknames, insults, video montages and even policy decisions.