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Facebook nabs Russia-linked campaign to fuel US chaos

Facebook on Tuesday said that it caught a budding Russia-linked campaign to fuel political chaos in the US, working off a tip from the FBI in its latest take-down of coordinated inauthentic behavior at the leading social network.

Trump presses law and order message as protest turns deadly

A man was shot dead in the US city of Portland, police said Sunday, the latest violence to upend anti-racism protests as President Donald Trump presses an election message characterizing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden as weak on violent…

Kanye West’s presidential run: real or for show?

US rapper Kanye West's chaotic launch of his unlikely campaign to oust Donald Trump in November's presidential election has sparked anger, concern for his mental health and questions about whether he is seriously running.

Trump, US race violence leave Trudeau at loss for words

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared at a loss for words Tuesday, pausing for 20 seconds when pressed for this thoughts on US President Donald Trump's threat of military mobilization against violent US protests.

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