Former Senator Loren Legarda enjoys keeping things clean and organized.

‘Tagalinis ng bubong:’ Legarda enjoys house cleaning

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No clutter here.

Former Senator Loren Legarda enjoys keeping things clean and organized.

The Anqtique lawmaker recently posted photos clearing a roof while standing on a ladder at home.
Legarda, now rocking long hair during the pandemic, admitted on Instagram about her favorite household chore.

“Tagalinis ng bubong. Ito ang hilig ko. Maglinis, magligpit, magayos, pagkatapos ng trabaho ko sa Kongreso at sa Antique,” she said.

Apart from cleaning, Legarada is a certified plantita. The lawmaker, a known advocate of environment protection, confessed her love for planting.

“Hilig ko rin magtanim ng gulay, bulaklak at native trees. Gusto ko rin pumunta sa mga weaving centers, at tingnan ang mga produkto ng msme. At siyempre, hilig ko ang nature!” she said.

After enduring 2020, Legarda said she looks forward to the New Year with hope, gratitude and “yes, excitement.”

She intends to “live in the sunshine,” “swim in the sea,” and “drink the wild air” this year.

“My New Year’s resolutions, aside from being a dutiful mother, a devoted daughter, a caring caregiver, a dedicated public servant, a never surrendering climate champion, a passionate cultural worker, and the list goes on,” she added.

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