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Buti na lang ambisyoso! Duterte spared from firing corrupt exec who wants elective post in 2019


President Rodrigo Duterte may be profuse in praising the Cabinet executives rumored to be running for public office in 2019, but he has an ulterior motive in supporting one of them.

Politiko learned that Duterte wants Greedy Executive (GE) to run for an elective post so he doesn’t have to go through the agony of firing the latter.

It’s unknown whether GE knows he’s on the chopping block, though he’s been reportedly endorsed by the President.

Politiko’s source said Duterte was crestfallen upon finding out how GE used his post to amass wealth, because he had thought GE was incorruptible.

GE was one of the persons Duterte had in mind whenever he mentioned his frustration upon learning that some of those around him are corrupt.

Duterte has shared in several speeches how sad he was that some of those who pushed him to run for president in 2016 ended up being involved in corruption once he was in office.

With the filing of certificates of candidacy at the Commission on Elections ongoing, Duterte can only heave a sigh of relief that it’s only a matter of days before GE vacates his post. After all, despite being coy about his political plans, all indications point to GE running for a high-profile position in 2019.

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