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The Zubiri family completely lost it over a large spider lurking inside their house.

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and his kids got a fright when they saw the arachnid along their doorway, and it’s all on video.

The senator shared on Facebook the latest “exciting day” about the scary spider-related incident at home. In the video, Zubiri is seen hiding behind a door with a pesticide at hand to neutralize the large spider clinging on the house wall. His kids can be heard on the background of the video anticipating the Baygon spray to hit the spider.

When Zubiri finally sprayed some pesticide on the spider, the insect fell on the floor and all hell broke loose. His kids could be heard screaming and laughing as they ran away from the spider. The video became out of focus as Zubiri’s kids got away.

“Exciting day sa aming bahay dahil nakakita kami ng napakalaking spider kanina at hindi ko nakayanan dahil takot ako sa malalaking gagamba haha kaya tuloy na baygon ko nalang siya haha ayan hinabol niya mga anak ko 🤪🤪✌️” Zubiri said.

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