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Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is fed up with President Duterte’s alleged weekly “bolahan” when he address the nation.

A seething Trillanes asked Duterte to present the government’s plan to contain the coronavirus outbreak after cases of infections soared past 200,000.

“WE DEMAND A PLAN! Malala na ang pandemic, lugmok pa ang ekonomiya. Di na pwede ang once-a-week bolahan/katangahan na ginagawa nyo. Bwisit na!” he tweeted.

Trillanes, in another tweet, said the Philippines is still stuck with “survival of the fittest” in the face of the outbreak while other countries have managed to contain the virus spread. He used the hashtag #UnfitToGovern in his latest critique of the President.

“Honestly, ask yourself, does duterte have a plan to address the worsening pandemic?” he said.

“Other countries have already contained the virus and are now focusing on economic recovery. Tayo, survival of the fittest pa rin. #UnfitToGovern,” he said.

As of August 27, the country’s cases of coronavirus rose to 205,581 while death rate jumped to 3,234.

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